Have you ever thought about how proud are the people who own a cricket team? Feeling the adrenaline rush through their veins when they see their team play on the field! Thousands and thousands of people cheering their team to win a match! The autographs, the photographs, the genuine excitement and that untamed emotion of joy when their team wins a match and they feel overwhelmed with pride and happiness.

How exciting would it be for you to have your OWN CRICKET TEAM? Well, ‘Nothing Is Impossible’, as the word itself ssys, ‘I M POSSIBLE’. This is where we give you a glimmering opportunity to live your long yearned dream. It’s the PINK CITY PREMIER LEAGUE, a team oriented cricket tournament based on the theme of IPL where you can bid and buy a cricket team and cry out loud to be the very proud owner and feel that electricity of excitement and of course fame, glamour and pure rush of exhilarating joy.

Team and player's auction!! 10 Teams!! 2 Pools of 5 Teams each!! 23 matches!! Music!! After Match Parties!! Fashion Shows!! Delicious Food!! Dugouts!! Dressing Room Strategies!! Grand Opening and Closing Ceremonies!! and much more is awaiting your participation!!!!

The idea of organizing this tournament it to help the cricket promoters experience how it feels to be a proud team owner. This is a little glamour into the world of IPL. How it feels to be a part of the glamor and the competitive side of Cricket.

Let’s not forget, that it is the Players who make this game what it is…a Religion! This tournament brings the players together. It gives them an opportunity to display their skills in front of the entire nation. A stage where they see, what’s in store for them in the future.